RYSY - Shimmer feat. Justyna Święs [UKM 040]00:05:05

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Dodał: uKnowMe
RYSY - Shimmer feat. Justyna Święs [UKM 040]

KUP CD - http://uknowme.home.pl/pl/p/RYSY-Traveler-LP/134
WINYL: http://uknowme.home.pl/pl/p/RYSY-Traveler-LP/138
digital - https://uknowme.bandcamp.com/album/rysy-traveler-lp

Nu beat treated with high-end production brings out unexpectedly catchy songs. The producers duo RYSY explores contemporary electronic music scene in their own manner, yet with a handful of prime references.
Somewhere between the fierceness of Moderat and the melancholy of
The xx, a space for Łukasz Stachurko’s and Wojtek Urbański’s music
is spread out.

RYSY, resembling the ways of Disclosure or SBTRKT, have chosen
singers and put them in a new musical context. In RYSY’ tracks, Justyna Święs, known for her work in The Dumplings, opens up for dance rhythms and experimentation with phrasing. Baasch, so far associated with a rather dark image, successfully finds himself in more frivolous rhythms. Piotr Zioła, with his debut album on the way, sounds intriguingly harmonious with Justyna’s vocals.

Traveler exposes the missing traits of club music - through technology
with a little touch of reverie, it connects catchy melodies with engaging emotions. The electronic music presented by RYSY blends the spirit of techno with a dub bass in the right proportions. The musical trip divided into 10 tracks guides the listener into a new sonic territory. The album title is far from random - RYSY invite you for a stunning journey.

The cover art was made by Bartosz Gregorek; the album design is a
work of Ala Lesiak.

The album was released on 4th of September on CD and digital.

RYSY FB: https://www.facebook.com/rysymusic

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