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Dodał: uKnowMe
Opus is one of the songs from forthcoming debut of SOTEI (Sobura & Teielte).

The footage was made in December 2015 at Cafe Kulturalna (Warsaw, Poland) during the U Know Me Night.

SOTEI is a new project from two established Polish musicians. Teielte already released 4 EP/LPs and tons of remixes. As a producer he has got unique style and is well known for his live shows. His music is filled with bass, glitch and post hip-hop attitude. Sobura is a drummer, he released only one solo LP ("Organic Lo-Fi" LP - vinyl sold out), but he works with several projects as a drummer. He is also a band member of few biggest Polish stars (Nosowska, Skubas and more). Now Teielte and Sobura decided to work together on an album, which will be released in Spring 2016. It will be a mixture of dancefloor killers filled with amazing musical imagination of two openminded artists. They already play before Flying Lotus in Warsaw and just after the very first show their were signed to U Know Me Records. It's a real bomb!

music - SOTEI (Sobura & Teielte)
video - Bidi Coś Kręci

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