MA - Heaven's Call (Eltron John remix Parts 1 & 2) [UKM 059]00:06:02

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Dodał: uKnowMe
MA - Heaven's Call (Eltron John remix Parts 1 & 2) [UKM 059]

Remix zespołu MA.



Eltron John about the remix:
"I never had to think twice about working with MA – I love doing remixes, and it’s always exciting to work with bands, especially if their music is a blend of soul and psychedelia. Funnily enough, I’ve known the band’s lovely singers before I ever heard their music, and actually saw the band live only after I’d agreed to do the mix. And seeing them gave me a sense of direction – I’ve felt that their self-released album ventures away from what the band actually sounded like to me, from what they could sound like. And so I tried to lend them my ear, my hand and my heart – for what it’s worth. A big shout to the man Mikołaj Bugajak for taking the sound to where it was supposed to be."

Eltron John - DJ, producer and record collector. A staple figure on the Polish underground music scene for over a decade, well-loved for his passionate, no-nonsense approach to the craft. His signature sets – at times as long as 6-8 hours – often cut across genres and eras, displaying the breadth of his musical roots, which lay in blues, soul, disco, dub and psychedelia as much as in house and techno. Currently a resident at Smolna (Warsaw) and Szpitalna 1 (Kraków), he has played hundreds of gigs at clubs and festivals around the country and beyond. He participated in the 2008 edition of Red Bull Music Academy. Releases music on Pets Recordings/STEP, Transatlantyk/TVPC, MOST, S1 Warsaw, U Know Me and Uncanny Valley.

MA is a journey of five songful n' soulful cats. Their lives, rich in stage experience, met at one point to generate and amplify all the rhythms of the universe. Synthesizing old analog sounds with the benefits of modern technology, they produce the noise, that will put a smile back on your face. (WEBSITE )

Remixed made by Eltron John (Marek Stuczyński)
Mix and master by Mikołaj Bugajak (

Original Version performed by MA

Music: Mateusz Samolong, Jakub Maciejewski, Dominik Szczepaniak, Martyna Szczepaniak
Lyrics: Mateusz Samolong

Performed by: Mateusz Samolong, Jakub Maciejewski, Dominik Szczepaniak, Martyna Szczepaniak, Jakub Wiśniewski

Martyna Szczepaniak - voc.
Mateusz Samolong - bass, voc.
Jakub Wiśniewski - guitar
Dominik Szczepaniak - drums, voc.
Jakub Maciejewski - rhodes, electronic

artwork: Bartosz Szymkiewicz
U Know Me Records 2017

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