Hau_Mikael - Back to the game [UKM 016]00:03:07

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Dodał: uKnowMe
Hau_Mikael - Back to the game [UKM 016]

Hau_Mikael is a classic hook up of a producer and a vocalist. The
twosome sticks to the sound deeply rooted in soul and electronic music. Hailing from Skierniewice (Poland), Hau boasts a highly acclaimed ambient album "Honey" (Eta Label), released under his Noiko moniker. Mikael (vocals) comes from Kielce but his real music adventure kicked off on his moving to the capital. It was in Warsaw where he grasped opportunities to develop his talent singing in bands, a choir, doing the backing vocals but most importantly, evolving as an artist and coauthor.

Project consist 9 unique remixes prepared by the producers from diverse spectrum of music scene. Starting from worldwide known Fulgeance from France, to UKM representatives (Envee, Teielte, Lower Entrance, Liquid Molly) to club scene heads (The Phantom, Tanzlife, Zeppy Zep) ending on very promising rookie (Szepielak).

released September 17, 2012

artwork: Justyna Balczewska
mastering: Mateusz Majewski (Concrete Cut Studio)

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