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See how I robbed Mr. Beast with the power of magic!
In this episode, Mr. Beast is surprised by impossible magic tricks! First magician Y is starting by showing cool magic tricks with a sharpie pen, and then he is doing impossible magic tricks: from teleportation to fire magic! Comment below what is your favorite magic trick to win a card signed by Mr. Beast. Watch the video with magician Y and Mr. Beast to know which magic tricks was Mr. Beast favorites! If you don't know who Mr. Beast is, check out his latest video:
I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend's Backyard
Magic of Y with stars is a series in which magician Y is showing best magic tricks for stars like Jared Leto, Robert Lewandowski, Alvaro Soler and now Mr. Beast. See more magic from magician Y by subscribing to channel:

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My name is Y and I am a magician from Warsaw (currently in California). I'm an ordinary guy, except I can do magic and I want you to join my world.

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