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Is it possible to chang silver to 24k gold? How to do it?
You have a gold rush? In this episode, magician Y is showing you how to change silver to 24k gold and other magic tricks with 24k gold. First, he is using gold playing cards to amaze girls on the street. 24k gold playing cards change to find their selection a classic of magic tricks. Than using 24k gold playing cards they select another card, but 24k gold playing cards are not changing, the card from 24k gold playing cards deck change in girls hand. You can feel the excitement of gold rush but it's just a beginning. Magician Y approach another girl to show her that gold rush is overrated. Why would you have a gold rush if you can change one dollar to gold American express?
Than magician is showing the best of magic tricks in this episode.
He is changing a silver half dollar coin to 24 gold in the hand of the spectator. Which of these magic tricks do you like the most? do you feel the gold rush? comment!
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Magic of Y on streets is a series in which magician Y is showing the best magic tricks in the style of street magic in California!

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My name is Y and I am a magician from Warsaw (curently in California). I'm an ordinary guy, except I can do magic and I want you to join my world.

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