Edyta Geppert - Turning Point00:04:01

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Edyta Geppert - Historie Prawdziwe
Turning Point
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Tear this is a tear

Ash Wednesday storm
My tough "enough"
Not a puppy's whine
Not anymore
A phony war

I said, be fair
I said, beware
Of this one tear
Before you risk a gamble
Playin', you risk in vain
All you can gain
Is this one tear

Tear, this is a tear
Rock hitting head
A thunder ball
Tear from deep inside
A fist, not palm
A towering wall

No lilac white
No dreamy night
No purple rose
Will change what's bound to happen
Well, our mutual spell
Turned upside down
For this one tear

Well our mutual spell
Turned upside down
Because of this
One tiny tear

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