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Bars and Melody were absolutely shocked with the magic of Y. Make sure to watch all video with Bars and Melody brainwashed by the magic of Y to see their reaction. #barsandmelody #bam #lovetoseemefail
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In this episode of Magic of Y with Stars, magician Y is meeting a duo Bars and Melody known from their Britain's got talent and then an amazing career as musicians.
First magician Y is started by producing BaM a lollypop and then multiply it by magic.
Then he introduces a deck of card and asks Leo to remove a random card from the deck with the hope that it would match his prediction. It's not matching, but with the help of flame, by burning a prediction card magician Y is changing it to Leo's selection.
After this, it was time for serious hypnotic magic. Magician Y is telling a story when he was watching BaM in Britains got talent on a youtube video. He explains that while watching Bars and Melody Britains got talent audition he was scribbling on the piece of paper, and it somehow got set on fire so he spilled a coffee on it and just then he realizes that something that doesn't have a meaning can have a different meaning while looking at it from a different perspective. He kept this piece of paper in an envelope and it will be a final of the episode.
Next, he asks both BaM members Leo and Charlie to think of any song and then take out one word from lyrics. It happens to be the same words. Charlie is begging to freak out, wanting to leave the studio multiple times.
Than magician Y is setting up a crazy finale with some extraordinary suggestions to lead BaM members into his prediction that means more than you think for Bars and Melody.
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My name is Y and I am a magician from Warsaw (currently in California). I'm an ordinary guy, except I can do magic and I want you to join my world.

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