Daniel Szlajnda (fka Daniel Drumz) - Rebirth feat. Resina00:06:21

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Dodał: uKnowMe
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Music by Daniel Szlajnda (Daniel Drumz) and Resina. Rebirth is taken from the forthcoming album Komorebi LP. Video by Maciek Malinowski.

Daniel Szlajnda Komorebi LP [UKM 080] is due out on the 24th July 2020 on U Know Me Records.

Following his electronic club aesthetic in Untold Stories [UKM036], Daniel Drumz takes a departure into the ambient synth wilds with Komorebi. This latest album represents a greatly matured perspective in the artists discography, debuting this time under his real name, Daniel Szlajnda. Komorebi presents pulsating, organic synthscapes that are nearly devoid of drum layers, jokingly referred to as acid ambient by Daniel.

The albums name comes from the Japanese word komorebi (), which refers to sunlight beaming through forest trees often misunderstood for only representing the gentle, nostalgic side of nature. Komorebi polyphonically explores the dichotomy between the delicate and beautiful forms of nature, as well as the brutal and ruthless pulse of instinctual survival.

The instrumental arrangements in Komorebi come from a modular synthesizer, built by Daniel during the work on the album. Harnessing imperfections and controlled unpredictability of this instrument fit perfectly into the themes of raw nature that the album is built upon. Sequences obtained by the synthesizer are in constant motion, never stopping in one place, and the albums electronic pulse is often complemented by acoustic instruments: celesta, marimbas and pianos.

Daniel Szlajnda
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Maciek Malinowski
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