How to activate SmoothScroll for free? No crack or license key [TUTORIAL] [100% WORKING]00:02:04

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Dodał: anonim
1. Exit SmoothScroll

2. Open regedit.exe and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SmoothScroll

3. Change keys to:
kSSHasValidLicense - 1
kSSLicenseCode - anything with numbers (like 123456789)
kSSLicenseName - any username (like qwerty)
kSSSubscriptionID - anything with another number (like 987654321)

4. Open Windows Firewall and block app
C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\SmoothScroll\app-

5. Open SmoothScroll and check license.

6. Enjoy pirated SmoothScroll!