Laura (Thanatomorphose) tribute (18+) RUNAWAY TRAIN00:04:51

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Dodał: NesuwahLunastar
Ok, Ill admitt it. To watch this movie for the first time was kind of shock to me and near the end, I felt sick to my stomach... I love body horrors in general. A shocking transformation into a ravenous zombie, or an insectoid hybrid with venomous scorpion tail were all brilliant concepts to me, this is why I absolutely loved films like Bite and Contracted, so Im not new to this genre at all, but this... holy crap, that was intense drive and I feel a need to warn everyone before watching this video, if Youre under 18 and/or are squimish to blood, guts and rotting flesh, turn off this video NOW! Theres something like a primal genetic fear of our body decomposing and rotting and comming out of our bones, as we are still alive and conscious that for sure frightens most, if not all, of us. But upon closer inspection and a bit thinking... Ive realised that this bad-acting and quite boring at the beginning movie is much deeper than what we see on the outside. And the message it bears, I can strongly relate too. At times we all feel like rotting inside. The key is to not let the rot consume us, so we can have a chance to heal and... learn. Enjoy.