Why the Navy ABANDONED hundreds of Ships in California - TS HISTORY00:19:36

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An ever-shrinking collection of the US Navys most storied ships lies in a bay near San Francisco. This National Defense Reserve Fleet held war heroes, masters of espionage, and behind-the-scenes vessels that the Navy could not function without. Some met a cruel fate in a scrapyard, others found a grandiose museum as their new home, but all were influential in the organization that put them out to pasture.

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0:00 - The Graveyard of the US Navy - Suisun Bay
0:53 - Durability and Protection - Ridge Wallet
1:44 - A Hotel on the High Seas - USS APL-24
4:49 - The Arm of Logistics - SS Green Mountain State
6:58 - An Explorer for Espionage - The Glomar Explorer
12:20 - The Hero of Pearl Harbor - USS Hoga
14:32 - The Worlds Greatest Naval Ship - USS Iowa
18:56 - The Maritime Mausoleum - Conclusion


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