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You are planning a trip to Poland or you are already in Poland. We invite you to the city of Lublin, beautiful and rich in history. WE INVITE YOU TO THE CITY LUBLIN.

What to see in the city:
Krakow Gate and the Museum of the History of the City of Lublin
Trinitarian Tower
Lublin Castle, National Museum in Lublin
Museum at Majdanek - German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp
Lublin Cathedral
Lublin Underground Route
Dominican Basilica and Monastery
Streets of the Old Town
Po Farze Square
Holy Trinity Chapel
Castle tower
Regional Museum of Onion
Saskis Garden
Center for the Meeting of Cultures
Zemborzycki Reservoir
Lublin Village Museum
Botanic Garden
Litewski Square / Fountain show

Location of Lublin:
Europe, Poland, Lublin voivodeship
GPS location: 51°1500.0N 22°3400.0E

Websites about the city:
Tourist Lublin:
Lublin, website:

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