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In this episode of Kult America we visit a historic Zum Nußbaum restaurant in Berlin’s Mitte district to eat Schnitzel, Wurst, fried meatballs, blood sausage, and fried liver. This food was insanely heavy and difficult to digest. That being said, it was also rather tasty!

A bit more about Zum Nußbaum, The inn, originally located at Fischerstraße 21, was built either in 1505 or in 1705,[according to different interpretations of the inscription over the cellar entrance. It was named for the nut tree which formerly stood outside it. It was one of the oldest remaining drinking establishments in the city. It was popular with tourists and had been frequented and depicted by artists such as Heinrich Zille and Otto Nagel.

Zum Nußbaum figured prominently in an episode during the political battle for Berlin in 1929, when Horst Wessel and his SA troop faced down a crowd of Communist supporters and proclaimed the area free of the "Red Menace."[4]

The inn was destroyed during an Allied Forces air-raid in 1943, along with most of the surrounding area. It was recreated in 1987 in the nearby Nikolaiviertel as part of the East German creation of a tourist old town there.[5] It is adjacent to the famous Nikolaikirche (St. Nicholas' Church), where Wessel's father Ludwig had served as pastor.

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