Why Miles of Abandoned Tunnel are Under Paris (Paris Catacombs Explained)00:14:07

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In popular culture, Paris is often seen as one of the most beautiful, romantic and highly visited cities in the world. Upon being a colossal city with over 2.2 million residents, Paris is also one of the most popular tourist attractions for people all across the globe. Being the capital of France, this city also plays an integral part to French history and culture. But did you know that the city possesses a rather sinister, or at least creepy story just below its streets? About 20 meters, or 66 feet, underground, there exists a mass grave containing the bones of millions upon millions of dead Parisians in a massive network of tunnels called the Paris Catacombs. Simply laying eyes on this spot is enough to see its awe-inspiring nature. From walls lined with thousands of skulls to arches made of femurs and ribs, the Catacombs or Ossuaries as they are sometimes called, were built as a solution to overcrowded graves in central Paris. But over the years it has become a tourist attraction as well as an important historical site due to its mystical aura and the long past behind its creation. As a result, the Paris Catacombs has become a cultural icon and even the subject of tall tales and ghost stories. But what is the full story behind these catacombs? Why were they created and how did they become such a popular site-seeing location?

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