Chicagos South Side Nightmare - The Rise and Fall of Pullman00:18:49

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The neighborhood we know today as Pullman was the first industrial planned community in the U.S., explicitly built for the Pullman Palace Car Company employees. George Pullman set out to create a utopia society in Chicago. He wanted the community to attract and retain the most talented workers available and hope to do so by providing such a high standard of living that workers would be happy, productive, and less likely to strike. Pullman is one of Chicagos 77 defined community areas and is a neighborhood located on the citys South side, Twelve miles from the Chicago Loop. Situated adjacent to Lake Calumet, the Pullman district has many historic and architecturally significant buildings.. some of which have seen better times. So join me, as we discover the Rise and Fall of Chicagos Pullman District.

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