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Mir4: https://blockchaingames.com/games/mir4

With MIR4, a crypto game, you start your quest by venturing into MIRs vast open universe.

Join a powerful clan to participate in large-scale PVP with other allies and adversaries, or live a tranquil life of hunting, collecting, and crafting. Capture the Hidden Valley and collect taxes on the territorys profits, place a bounty on a foe and enlist the help of allies to track down your target, join a 50-player raid for some rare loot, declare war on enemy clans, and take part in castle sieges: theres a lot of things to help your character grow in the world of MIR. Whatever path you take, your tale will become legendary.

You can choose between 4 different classes, so choose one that suits your style of play

Warrior: Destroy your enemies with a massive sword.

Sorcerer: Use the elements to cast a spell, magic your way into chaos

Taoist: Supports your teammates with divine recovery spells.

Lancer: is a special class that can defend and attack simultaneously while using a long spear.

Movement and Graphics in Mir4
Its truly a gorgeous experience, with stunning graphics driven by Unreal Engine 4 and the added elegance of fluid Asian martial arts combat motions.

System of Free Loot
MIR4 has designed an unparalleled free-for-all loot system in which anyone can claim the loot, including players who did not take part in the monsters defeat. Only special loot in the treasure chest is affected, and players have 30 seconds to protect the loot while others fight for the opportunity to claim it. Its not just random looting. Claiming special loots will rely heavily on strategies and alliances.

Capture the Hidden Valley
MIR4s economy revolves around a Hidden Valley. The rulers of the Hidden Valley can receive significant Darksteel awards or collect taxes on all profits from the area by capturing and holding the Hidden Valley during the weekly event. Hidden Valley Capture is a large-scale PVP where clan cooperation and tactics are crucial to victory.

What is your plan of action? Choose between total monopoly by annihilating all competitors or sharing the benefits through alliances.

Capture the castle
In MIR4, the castle siege is the ultimate enormous scale group PVP experience. The winning clan becomes the MIR worlds dominant clan. The castle sieges ruling clan can enjoy the thrones glory and economic benefits until they are ousted. Participate in the largest clan conflict for the pride and legacy of your clan.

All Platform
MIR4 is a true cross-platform MMORPG that you may play with your friends on either your PC or your mobile device.

Video & Game Review - Mir4: https://blockchaingames.com/games/mir4