JIMEK - Record-Breaking Laziness00:05:28

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Dodał: Jimek
JIMEK Record-Breaking Laziness
Music & Lyrics: JIMEK
All parts performed, recorded and mixed at Cosmopolitan Studios Warsaw by JIMEK


The Slowest Song in the World, crawling from 20-something to 30-something Beats Per Minute sits more than two times slower than the slowest legendary ballads. And then it starts slowing down all the way to 0.1 BPM.
It was composed by JIMEK while pulling an allnighter and falling asleep - the intro motive that constructs the song is just putting one hand on piano keys and moving it left (CDE G, BCD G, ABC G, GAB G)
The Video features the hottest Dancers and Choreographers Keone and Mari Madrid (Justin Biebers 1billion video Love Yourself) mostly just doing nothing on the sofa, then they fall asleep leading us into their wacky dream sequence

This is where I come to a halt
Youre my dock, my port
My intuitive routes
All-predictable whereabouts

Rendezvous with my boo
Mutual revenue
Nonchalant negligence
Drowsiness, carelessness, sloppiness

Record-Breaking Laziness
30-something BPMs
Bedtime-frenzy, cozy-craze
At 0.1 MPH

Let me lick away your wounds
Brush it all off
Let me boost your attributes
Ill make you so smooth, so soft

Ill rock you in bed, cuddle, hold
Ill help you count sheep
Ill wake you early when its cold
Just to tell you you can go back to sleep

Record-Breaking Laziness
30-something BPMs
Bedtime-frenzy, cozy-craze
At 0.1 MPH

Record-Breaking Laziness
20-something BPMs
Bedtime-frenzy, cozy-craze
At 0.01 MPH