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We wanted to show you we do everything we can to deliver the highest quality of our services.

Take a peek how we care about your satisfaction:

- Everything is done in a clean and almost sterile environment. We don't even leave fingerprints!
- Each vehicle is first checked to make sure you'll get a perfect unit,
- Then we inflate the tyre, update the firmware, test the hardware with a computer,
- Each device is carefully wrapped up for transit,
- We include a protective foam as a gift, so you can avoid scratching your wheel when learning,
- We even include our own professional multilingual user manuals,
- We guarantee an express delivery with up to 24 h dispatch. You'll get your wheel in 1 to 4 days depending on your country.

We have an individual approach you truly deserve!

We have also a direct impact on the manufacturers, so they can constantly improve their electric unicycles according to users' feedback.

Additionally, you get:
- 2-year warranty,
- 14 days return time,
- A mobile app where you can always contact us and check your wheel status, whenever you are.

We do not collaborate with everyone. We collaborate with the top league manufacturers exclusively, to deliver THE BEST ELECTRIC UNICYCLES ONLY.

We Care.