Plethora - I. BATTLEFIELD (from Age of CHANGES album)00:03:57

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Dodał: Plethora
This video has only an educational purpouse!
Plethora band condemns violence and war. This video is supposed to show senseless cruelty of war.
All the videos used in this clip comes from YouTube and are cited to illustrate the unnecessary violence.

Plethora - BATTLEFIELD from AGE OF CHANGES album
Music: Krystian Przybylski & Plethora, Lyrics: Krystian Przybylski, Patrycja Sobczyk

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Video and lyrics by Mateusz Gawron

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Mix&Mastering: Paweł Jakubowski (

Plethora's band MEMBERS:
Adka Niksińska - vocal
Sebastian Szarapow - bass
Krystian Przybylski - guitar
Damian Mikulski - guitar
Mateusz Gawron - drums

ISRC: PLW491700001