Plug&Play - Lost a friend (mashup video)00:05:01

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Dodał: PlugPlay
Music: Plug&Play - Lost a friend (Whoreship EP 2009)
Video: Ingmar Bergman - Persona (1966)


Is it wrong to walk alone home
Is it wrong not to be with someone

I lost my friend in the middle of a forest
I lost my only soulmate

Last night was long so we fell into sleep
Dream is gone but now there is only me

I lost my friend in the middle of nowhere
I lost my only soulmate

I'm sorry for that stupid game I played
I'm sorry that I didn't take you back

I lost my game at the start of the day
wasted my sainthood crushed my glare

I lost my friend...

I found myself lying at your stairway
I realized that I am only sound of your doorbell


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