INMOTION V8 in winter - Christmas Special (Test Ride episode 8) electric unicycle00:03:18

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This is my winter test of INMOTION V8 electric unicycle. It was recorded in Krkonoše Mountains. I was a bit sceptic at first, but it handled snow riding better than 14" wheels, and surprisingly - the high pedal position is perfect!
When recording this Christmas Special episode I tested many unicycles, and I noticed 16" V8 is better than all 14" unicycles (KingSong KS-14, INMOTION V5F, Ninebot S2, Gotway MCM4) on the snow. And because of the pedal position, it's even better than other 16-inch electric unicycles. In deep snow, the pedals are still above the snow layer - no friction there. It's hard to skid, but still - watch out!

With winter tyre you can ride fast, but in deep snow I wouldn't recommend going full speed.
Another funny thing was watching how many problems have people in the cars, while I could simply overtake them going uphill. It's super stable, ideal for winter riding. I can recommend it not only for city commute in winter, but also for off-road, with step hills, slopes.
I hope you enjoy it! Go electric!

Remember the range on the 480 Wh battery will be decreased in low temperatures.

Overall - electric unicycles are the ultimate urban transportation!

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