THE WEREWOLF REALITY (by Lazaruscomesforth777) reaction #commentary01:58:37

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Just wanted to speak my mind and hopefully to help clear the name of notorously disgraced @sanderclarijs777 even though we dont see eye-to-eye all the time :-)
I do not know neither Lazaruscomesforth777, nor Mr. Clarijs personally, but in light of such horrid accusations, as a person who expresses both Christian and occult Taoist faith at heart, respecting both and disdaining neither, Ive decided to add my two cents, both as a practicing occultist, as well as a person who loves Jesus as her own father, because once You trully love someone, You never trully stop, no matter which spiritual system pulls Your heartstrings :-) and as a living example that You can be both an occultist and a follower of Yahweh AND a decent person who can and will stand up for strangers, if theres any injustice done upon anyone :-)
Because there WAS injustice done to Mr. Clarijs and someone had to srep up.
The greatest reason Ive decided to do this 2h long video is to show that in order to come to certain conclusions, we cannot take words of another person for granted and stop our research there. We need to analyse, look out for clues and dont be afraid of being trashed with mud, cause sooner or later, it will happen to all of us. I wanted to show that knowledge requires always doubting before accepting and blind acceptance can only be reserved for cults and religions. Additionally, seeing blantant obsession the author has over Mr. Clarijs, Ive just felt it being unfair on ordinary empathetic level. Having beef is one thing, but harrassing and bullying is something much else, something I cannot and will not tolerate.
Remember, whoever You are, wherever You are, dear viewer, You are never alone and even if half of the world will hate You, the other half still can show You love that You trully deserve. Dont give up. I am with You.
Hey @ShanclenShadowProductions You may like the Reign Of Fire refference LOL
Stay safe everyone and dont allow internet hate ruin Your life. Love Yall and happy New Year to all of You.