Snuff Out The Light (Yzmas Song) live action edition (fanmade)00:04:11

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Dodał: NesuwahLunastar
Ive fallen in love with this song from the first hearing and I love it to this day. To pay tribute to the amazing, yet eventually re-imagined, character of Yzma, the dark Incan witch, Ive decided to make this little video. Seeing phenomenal Eugenie Bondurant as dark and nefarious Isla in the newest The Conjuring gave me strong Yzma vibes, almost as if she was ment to the perfect one to potray the eccentric Peruvian witch, from her emanciated built, to strong facial features, to her fierce, lioness gaze, everything about her screams Yzma. So here it is, my little video tribute for the best never used Disney villain song. Let me see how You like it :-) Making it certainly wantnt an easy job. So hopefully some of You will like it :-)
Love Yall!