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Dodał: Elanguages
Nauka języka angielskiego. Alfabet w języku angielskim.
Język angielski dla dzieci i dorosłych. Alphabet in English.

Learning foreign languages is easier with my videos! Listening, reading and speaking repeating after native speaker! Fast way to learn language.

Do you want to help create channel? You live for example in France? You can translate this phrases and send on e-mail I will use them and record a lesson.

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All tips / donates I will spend for channel. I want to upgrade my channel, in the future make my own website. I always dreamed about it!




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Learning foreign languages never been easy like now. Listening, reading and repeating after speaker.
English Spanish German Polish French Italian Japanese Russian and more languages. Conversation.
Free lessons education foreign languages with simple expressions
so Speak it Easy ! courses course

Alphabet song for kids children

Learning for everyone!
Be polyglot.

Film znajduje się w katalogu: Angielski gramatyka