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After this life changing experience at the Skansan in Sanok, I have decided that for the next half year I will be focusing on Podkarpackie once again, one video every month!

A few years back I had created a video titled "Why I Left America for Poland", simply to answer the most popular question that Kult America viewers had asked me. Not realising that the video would gain such massive viewership, I have always felt uneasy about failing to answer that question in the most basic way - that Poland is where my ancestors are from! Living here and reconnecting with my heritage has been one of the most special things in my life so I'd like to address the topic once and for all! This is not just my story, this is everyones story...

Podkarpackie is in southeastern Poland and it's one of the most wooded Polish voivodeships. In the heart of Podkarpackie there is a charming town named Sanok, at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains and it has the first and the biggest open-air museums in Poland - the Rural Architecture Museum of Sanok.

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