Dziemian - Seems Like the Love (part I)00:04:06

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Dziemian's first single, and promotional song for charity project "Help them".

Please buy it on itunes - 70% of income will go to Anna Zinówko, she is disabled and needs money for rehabilitation.

More about Anna (unfortunately in polish):

If You can help more than just buying the song, please donate money on this bank account:
29 1240 5240 1111 0010 5025 7141
in the title: "na rehabilitację Anny Zinówko"

Audio and video produced by Dziemian Productions.
Filmed by Maciej Korsan (, edited by Dziemian.
Audio recorded and produced by Dziemian.

Big thanks to "Książnica Podlaska" for allowing us to use their reading room:

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