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Welcome to our new video in which we’re gonna show you funny and useful phone hacks. There are numerous ideas how to use your phone other way such as: phone steering wheel, bedside lamp from a flashlight and a glass or tips how to make a new case for your phone using nail polishes. This video is a big portion of budget ideas that you can recreate at home having a lot of fun.

Happy Things makes life more fun and easy! Discover creative crafts, useful lifehacks and DIY projects that will help you in your daily life. Check out our tutorials that will make your life easier. You can be surprised what can be done with things around you! We’ve got awesome tips and hacks for eveyone - men, women and kids! You can try simple ideas everywhere you go - at school, at work, in the shop, at home or even on holidays. Watch trick compilations to save a lot of time in your daily routine. Then you can plan your schedule really fast and easy. Find awesome inspirations and discover creative ideas. Enjoy the fun of creation and use handmade products. With our tutorials you will gain new valuable skills! Do you need help or an advice how to make something? No worries! We’ve got briliant tips for you in every field of life! We will help you with your cooking, hairstyles and makeup, cleaning, repairing, taking care after your plants and garden and many many more... You can use super-easy lifehacks everyday in every activities. Learn new useful things, reuse household items and give them new life! Just do it yourself and become a hero!

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