Interview with Gerard Gordeau. Learn the unknown part200:25:31

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Dodał: DamianLaszuk
Very deep, emotional, and personal story about great Martial Artist`s Life.
Meet the real Gerard Gordeau.
Three Years ago I joined the International Budo Kai Poland. Did not know who is the head of world`s organisation. When I found out i checked the internet. I had a lot of thoughts and doubts. 6 months later I met him on tournament in Poland. It left me quite mixed up. He was nothing like what I read before. He Invited me to become his Uchi Deshi. I came to Holland for a month. He Was all for me. Answering litterally every question. He turned out to be even better man than i thought he was on that tournament.
He became my mentor. He is not perfect. He just is the best man I know.