BAŁKANICA - STEVEN LARKIN PROJECT (original artist - PIERSI, official ENGLISH version, 2019)00:03:24

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Dodał: Zespol-Piersi
BAŁKANICA - official english version

original artist - PIERSI ( - e-mail contact:

artistic performance - STEVEN LARKIN PROJECT (Steven Larkin, Joe Moździerski)

text translation & interpretation - Tamara Moździerska

recorded in The Music Forum Centre Darlington

sound engineer - Chris Davison

original song recorded in MAQ RECORDS
sound engineer - Jarek Toifl

english text:

Bałkanica (English version)

Verse 1
Music will flow though our viens Women, wine dance sing
Ive got these simple rules of life Dont do to others what you dont Want done to yourself

Music, joy, friendship and laughter Life will become easier
Bring me a jug of wine
Then we move together with the rhym

Lets play
Lets have a party
Lets get it started
The night will be too short
It will will be loud fun and laughter
Lets get together and dance the whole night Through

Verse 2
The band is good and wont hold back Find hard to take a breath
Please can you pour them more wine And there will be fire on the floor

Balkan rythms, music power
and we can dance the whole night through Just bring me one more ....
one more jug of wine
and we will move with time

Chorus .....