Hiking and Exploring Caribbean Island Petit Saint Vincent00:12:49

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Work out day! Thanks to our new friends today we explore Petit Saint Vincent! You are welcome to join us while we visit a private island, luxury resort and spa. To our Patrons please remember to join us at the LoveBoat group to see extra videos.

We invite you to our www.SailOceans.com to follow along and leave comments. Only there can we guarantee to remain open and available with a clear and crisp voice unaltered by the corporate communism censors.

Lots of love.
Ania & Bartek

We are a Polish family (Ania, Bartek, Kuba and Julian) traveling around the world with our floating home, as a way to promote an alternative lifestyle outside the system.
In our episodes, we want to inspire you to a conscious life, to reach your own needs, feelings, not to put your dreams (small and large) to sometime, and bring awareness into our lives.

Your support shows us that this awakening of awareness about life outside the system is needed and you want more! The life we have chosen not only means traveling the world, adventures, meeting people and places. It is very exciting, and at the same time sharing it with our children makes this journey taste even more! But! We want to inspire you to go beyond traditional schemes and programs to feel for yourself, what you want in life and just do it.

If you feel that our creation is valuable to you, brings something to your everyday life and would like to contribute to the growth of our channel, our production, we will be grateful for your gratitude.

We have prepared a lot of extras for our patrons, we invite you to a closed group on facebook The LOVE Boat - SailOceans Patrons Community, where we publish additional content, videos, also those censored by YT police, and there we will also share our experience with you and answer your questions about an alternative way of life, raising children, sailing, ecology and awareness of everyday life, including spirituality, meditation, tantra, sexuality, openness, life in harmony with environment, minorities, anti-racism, LGBT, LGBTQ, gay, lesbian, bisexual friends of any race or orientation sexual or political, and equal treatment for all people in general without prejudice and with openness, and many other subjects that are censored by the corporate thought police.

Thank you with all our hearts for your commitment and involvement and were repaying with ours