How JP Morgan Went From Bitcoin Is A Scam, To All-In On The Quorum Blockchain | Blockchain Central00:07:26

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This week on #BlockchainCentral: JP Morgans chairman Jamie Dimon was famously known for denouncing Bitcoin as a scam back in 2017, possibly triggering a mass sell off of the worlds most popular cryptocurrency. Today, JP Morgan have gone all-in on the Quorum Blockchain, a permissioned, Ethereum-based, network designed to be used in a wide-range of industries from automative, global trade to financial.

We look into the business behind the JP Morgan brand and why they decided to take the most useful (in their opinion) aspects of blockchain technology and convert it into something usable by the existing financial industry, in the form of the #Quorum blockchain.

JP Morgan has created their own stablecoin, JPMCoin, to run on the network for testing instantaneous payments for users of their bank, which highlights one of their biggest steps: that they have circumvented a lot of groundwork by already being a huge part of the worlds financial infrastructure.

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