Fear Kratos vs Feral Hound from God of War III - Polymer Clay Tutorial00:13:59

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God of War games have something incredible in them, perhaps through references to mythology that has fascinated people so far. This is the fourth time I have done the figure of Kratos, but this work is completely different. In a special skin Fear Kratos is in the process of starting a fight with a wild dog. The battle cry and our hero makes a jump from the top to the back of the creature. The opponent does not expect anything, relying on the destroyed face of the Zeus statue he wants to attack Kratos. The process of creating the outline of the work was long, but in the end I came up with the idea of doing what you see in front of you. The whole thing is made of polymer clay, wood and wire. If you like the sculpture, leave a like, a subscription and a comment. Also remember to share this material. See you in a weeks time.

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