Wizyta Gościa, The Guests Visit - Janusz Kohut fortepian00:04:22

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Dodał: JanuszKohut
Wizyta Gościa z oratorium Gość Oczekiwany Janusza Kohuta The Guests Visit from oratorio The Long-Awaited Guest.
Janusz Kohut - fortepian KAWAI ES8.
Nagranie zrealizowane na dachu domu kompozytora w Bielsku-Białej 26.04.2020 w czasie trwania pandemii koronawirusa COVID-19.

Now Id like to play a piece from my oratorio The Long-Awaited Guest.
The title of the piece is The Guests Visit.This drama was written not far away from here in Górki Wielkie by Zofia Kossak. It is based on a legend about a poor family visited by a beggar asking for help. I turns out that the poor family have more heart for him than other rich people who rejected the beggar. A miracle happens and the poor man finds a chest full of gold in his poor hut. He does not keep it for himself but shares with other people in need. However the gold doesnt run out. The more gold he shares the more gold he has.This happens when people live in love and mutual respect.
Then, it isnt necessary to be afraid we will lack goodness, love, peace or joy. The more we show them to others the more we experience them as well.