Cinemon - Joy of the Trial feat. Misia Furtak (official video)00:04:30

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Dodał: Cinemonpl
An official video of Cinemon - Joy of the Trial feat. Misia Furtak

Paled and numbed by the mornings
I got to thirty five
Havent touched you in ages
Been waiting for your touch

Havent spoken in ages
Know we both miss the time
When experience meant experiencing something
Not just life passing by

Getting meeker with every wound taken
From tests we failed and we passed
Only now im ready to breaking
Through to enjoying the rest

Getting closer with every miss taken
To knowing joy of the trial
Only now im up to you babe
Up to staying alive

I paid for uncertainty
With your blood and your flesh
Now much as Im teethless
Not sure wont bite again

But if im sure of anything
Its i dont wanna go back
To hopeless tragedies and dramas
Lets have the hopeful ones instead

VIDEO: Nikodem Dybiński / Woda&Olej