Sexy Boys Collab II Hey Mr. Love00:02:33

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Thank you girls for participating :)

1.BloodyLean {Derek Hale II Teen Wolf}
2.TheBasia3597 {Daryl Dixon II The Walking Dead}
3.xsillymarelilyx {Castiel II Supernatural}
4.BudgiesMi {Klaus II The Vampire Diaries}
5.Me {Oliver Quuen II Arrow}
6.Nati {Hook II Once Upon A Time}
7.Me {Brian Oconnor II F&F}
8.BloodyLean {Damon Salvatore II TVD}
9.Evi {Jake Tyler II Never Back Down}
10.xsillymarelilyx {Charming II Once Upon A Time}
11.vivaciousFanatic { Miles II Underemployed}

Song:Katie Herzig - Hey Na Na


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