Nap together (original ukulele song with lyrics and doodles)00:02:46

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Dodał: RankoUkulele
One of my older songs just recorded with better sound xD and doodles :D

Thanks to Michał Kowalski for editing:

Chords and lyrics below

Oh I miss your silly face, your hair, and slightly crazy eyes
and how you play computer games when Im trying to sleep at night
I even miss how you sneak up on me then jump out unexpectedly
and then laugh like a maniac when I almost die of heart attack

And even though its been so long, each time you are away
I wish that you were here so I could say

lets go home and take a nap, cause I like to nap with you
tell everyone were busy, have so many things to do
like people to meet and places to be,
but in here it will be just you and me
so lets sleep all day and party never
as long as were together, as long as were together

Oh I miss your silly face, though I know you havent shaved for days
ever since I left I suspect you havent cleaned the mess I made
when I was trying to leave while being already late
but please wait for me

and each time I have to go I dont want to be away
I dream of being back with you so I could say


capo 2nd fret

G/B/Em/D6 C/D/G Cmaj6/D6/Am7/D

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