Skull Fist - Better Late Than Never (Live)00:04:55

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Band: Skul Fist
Where: Underground Pub, Tychy, Poland
When: 14.11.2018
Length: 50 minutes

Zach Slaughter - vocals, guitar
Jonny Nesta - guitar
Casey Guest - bass
JJ Tartaglia - drums

01 Intro
02 Ride the Beast
03 You Belong to Me
04 I Am a Slave
05 Youre Gonna Pay
06 Bad for Good
07 Better Late Than Never
08 No False Metal
09 Get Fisted
10 Hour to Live
11 Sign of the Warrior
12 Head öf the Pack

Filming: Gameplayer
Authoring: Gameplayer
Soundboard audio: Underground Pub