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Band: Reach
Where: Stage 2, VooDoo Club,Warsaw, Poland
When: 23.09.2018
Length: 70 minutes

Ludvig Turner vocals, guitar
Soufian MaAoui - bass
Marcus Johansson drums

01 Into Tomorrow
02 You Say
03 Nightmare
04 Off the Edge
05 The Great Divine
06 War Pigs / Heaven & Hell
07 One Life
08 Aint Talkin Bout Love (with Lady Strange crew: Frida Lola - voc, Juicy Mike - guit Matt Beav and Maciej Uba on backing vocals)
10 Running on Empty
11 Immigrant Song
12 Live or Die
13 Whole Lotta Rosie
14 Sweet Child O Mine (Acoustic, with Frida Lola (voc) and Matt Beav (bass) of Lady Strange and Radził (drums) of The Option]