Axe Crazy - Sabretooth Tiger (Live)00:03:54

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Band: Axe Crazy
Where: Helicon Metal Festival, VooDoo Club, Warsaw, Poland
When: 07.09.2018
Length: 43 minutes

Michael Skotnicki - vocals
Robson Bigos - guitar
Adrian Bigos - guitar
Daniel Czupryn - bass
Andrzej Heczko - drums

01 March of the Survivors
02 Ride on the Night
03 Astral Tales Part 1 (Lost in Space)
04 Sabretooth Tiger
05 Im Alive
06 Take Control
07 Hungry For Life
08 Angry Machines
09 Rats in the Attic
10 Astral Tales Part 2 (Star Force)
11 Guardians of the Light