ASA VAIDA tribute (BLACK SUNDAY) - Bury A Friend00:03:37

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Black Sunday a.k.a. Mask of Satan is one of the most amazing black-and-white old horror movies Ive ever seen and since I was unable to download it from Dailymotion (sorry!!) Ive to use a polish subtitled version that I could download from cda. I hope its not a problem XD This great song is by beautiful Billie Eilish. I hope Youll enjoy it as much as I did :-)
Praised be amazing Barbara Steele who literally stole the show with her double role as both innocent Katia who was ment to be a new vessel for Asa, as well as the wicked, vengeful witch herself. Oscar-worthy acting! Though main male character.... Oh gosh... That was worst facial expression performance than Kristen Stewart XD 0/10 for John Richardson, 10/10 for Mrs. Steele. Definetily worth watching!