Why Chicago DEMOLISHED the Largest Dome in America - The Federal building story - ITS HISTORY00:17:10

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Once one of Chicagos most incredible buildings, the Chicago Federal Building is now little but a long-forgotten memory for most of Chicago. Designed by Henry Ives Cobb and with a dome larger than the one on the Capitol Building, it was a marvel of its timetoday on Its History, we will discover the secrets of the lost Chicago Federal Building.

00:54 - a word from Extra
01:48 - Chicago architecture in the 1800s
02:38 - Chicagos first courthouse
03:58 - Who was Henry Ives Cobb?
05:28 - The architectural legacy of Henry Ives Cobb
06:55 - Commissioning the Chicago Federal Building
09:55 - How was the Chicago Federal Building built?
13:35 - The Chicago Federal Buildings Dome
14:17 - The Bombing of the Chicago Federal Building
15:01 - Walt Disney at the Chicago Federal Building
15:32 - The Fall of the Chicago Federal Building
16:12 - The Chicago Federal Center

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