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To many around the world and even many Americans themselves, the stereotypical caricature of this country is the Cowboy Culture or the Wild West. These illustrations have been immortalized in many forms of popular media such as film, television, music, books and tall tales. And while the era of the American Wild West has been glorified and glamorized in the past century since it largely came to a close, it definitely does have roots in many truths. In fact, there are many towns and cities across the American Southwest with a history embodying what this era meant. The city of Tombstone, Arizona is a shining example of one of these. Starting off as a small mining town, Tombstone exponentially grew over the years into one of the busiest cities in the region, becoming the site of numerous heroes, villains, gun battles, silver mines, poker rooms, theaters, technological innovation and economic hardship. While the city no longer looks the way it did in the late 1800s, the history of Tombstones role in a long-gone yet emblematic era of American history still remains.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Why Tombstone is a Symbol of the American Wild West
2:17 The Founding of Tombstone Ed Schieffelin and the Era of Wild West Heroes
4:52 How Tombstone came to prominence
9:44 The Decline of Tombstone
11:47 How Tombstone Faced Adversity yet Lived On
13:24 From Haunted Theaters to Famous Gun Battles - The Famous Sites and Events that Define Tombstone
22:16 The Legacy of Tombstone, Arizona

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