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Arizona, was a major copper-producing center built on the steep canyon slopes east of the Mule Mountains. Bisbee is 92 miles southeast of Tucson and 11 miles north of the Mexican border and is one of the worlds richest mineral sites resulting in what was once the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco. Bisbees unique history attracts thousands of tourists worldwide every year. It also boasts of having the Best Climate Year Round by the locals. It is one of the few cities in Arizona where you can get a taste of all four seasons. The Copper Queen Mine, located in what is now called Old Bisbee, is a popular tourist stop when visiting the historic town.

00:00 How Bisbee Arizona became a major copper producing center.
01:24 A word from policygenius.
03:11 How Jack Dunn, a civilian tracker, found mineralization indicating the presence of lead, copper, and possibly silver in the city of Bisbee
03:55 The initial settlement of Bisbee was named to honor of DeWitt Bisbee.
04:42 How Bisbee proved to be one of the richest mineral sites in the world, producing gold, copper, silver, lead, and zinc.
04:55 Why The Phelps Dodge Company entered the Bisbee mining scene in 1881 with the purchase of the Atlanta claim.
05:59 How The frontier town would transition into one of the great industrial cities.
06:11 Bisbee mine tour - The Copper Queen Mine and the Lavender Pit.
06:20 Harrison M lavender, Vice president and general manager of Phelps Dodge Corporation.
07:45 How The Copper Queen Mine was responsible for the growth of the surrounding town of Bisbee in the 1880s.
09:32 WW1 mining changes
09:44 How Bisbee blue became a by-product of copper mining.
10:18 The 1917 miners unions, strike
13:37 Why Bisbee stopped mining activity
14:26 How Actor John Wayne helped Bisbees transition from a mining economy.
15:10 The city of Bisbees satellite communities of Warren, Lowell, and San Jose.

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