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I've said it before, I'm not a historian, I'm not a teacher, I'm just a curious person who visits important places and I give an honest opinion. Whenever I touch on historic topics around the time of the second world war, people go insane by my choice of words yet I feel that in giving a first hand account I've said nothing wrong. When I refer to German's as Nazi's, people claim "they are confused because I was not specific enough", "I'm inventing monsters from the moon" etc. When I refer to Nazi's as Germans I'm told it's politically incorrect as all German's were not Nazi's. So in theory I should limit myself to specifying "German Nazi's" in every account despite the fact that context is extremely clear.

I do prefer to be respectful to the sensitivity of the topic, and would like to chose words which could please everyone. However, what I'm more interested in is paying my respect to the victims of these places and sharing the impression with other like minds. Political correctness is good in many cases but cry bullies should focus their energy on people who are doing real harm in the world.

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