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Whether youre preparing for a chill games night, youre here for tips & tricks from my Walkthrough and gameplay from the free mobile games, Or even better you would like to know random fun fact all over the world? Well youre in the right place. Today I prepared full walkthrough with review of Monster Battle Quest WORLD 2, and I brings you an unholy number of facts of varying quality about the topics you might like! Movies, gaming, social media, aliens, countries, recent discoveries, space exploration, true stories, fitness, fun tests, and riddles, or useful tips for self-improvement, psychology, gadgets, or just your day-to-day routine, theres something for everyone! Whatever topics I could found I will speek about that i this video.

During the gameplay of Monster Battle Quest , evil monsters will try to break your base. The main tactic is to plan your base defense and carefully manage resources by upgrading the most efficient base and monsters heroes. Dont let your base fall - use your monsters and mana wisely to protect your base. Rush to the battlefields, work the zone defense and put up an epic fight against evil monsters!

Recruit and evolve the perfect monsters team to destroy opposing enemy. Defeat enemy monsters to earn gold, increase your strength, and dominate the monsters world.

Your main goal is base defense; use your monsters to stop the evil monsters from destroying your base.

Game Features:
50 levels
Strategic combat that challenges your skills in defense and speed!
2D art style, with custom animation
Upgrade your monsters, allowing them to gain more power!
Battle with monsters
Prevent monsters attack