Cinemon - Nobody's Gonna Put Out The Fire LIVE00:04:27

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Dodał: Cinemonpl
you're not the same
so don't act like you could
know any better
this is my game and my rules
i figure out
there's no right and no wrong
do what i want

nobody's gonna put out the fire
not when it took so much to ignite
what we came for 's just a little bit further
close enough to reach out and touch
all wee need is little bit of love
i made a promise, now i'll make you mine

eating me up
bit by bit not much is left
not giving up
keep what i've got

video recording: dominika filipowicz, natalia olszańska, sabina filipowicz
video editing: natalia olszańska
audio recording: grzesiek pyda
live mix: arek szost
audio mix and mastering: michał wójcik
lights: krzysiek walas
music and acting: cinemon ;-)
recorded live at lizard king, dec 2012


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