Cinemon - Masters of Second-guessing (full album)00:39:00

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Dodał: Cinemonpl
The third studio LP from a Cracow-based band Cinemon, entitled Masters of Second-guessing available at:
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1 I’m Gone 0:00
2 Hold, Don’t Fall 2:57
3 The Simplest Of Truths 7:54
4 That’s What It’s All About 12:00
5 So Naive 16:51
6 A Hit For The Radio 21:37
7 Peace Of Mind 25:28
8 Twist And Turn 29:49
9 Paths, Choices And Irresistible Mistakes 34:45

Produced by Marek Szwarc, Cinemon
Engineered by Marek Szwarc @ The Rolling Tape Studios, Srebrna Góra, Sept 2015
Vocals engineering by Michał Wójcik @ Skł, Kraków 2016
Mix by Mark Rains @ Station House Studio, Los Angeles 2016
Mastering by Paweł „Bemol” Ładniak
Release date: 6 Oct 2016
Label: Winylowo Records

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