Take over the city - Introducing INMOTION V800:00:31

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Buy INMOTION V8 now (worldwide): https://www.electricunicycles.eu/inmotion_v8_(black)_480_wh-c__257

Welcome to the future of personal transportation. The best all-electric vehicles are available now. This is not another hoverboard or gadget. This is an electric unicycle - the best electric urban commute device you can get right now.
Inmotion V8 will give you a feeling you cannot experience anywhere else. It's like flying and steering with your mind.

After 30 to 60 minutes of learning you are ready to roll. The device balances itself, and with a 16" bicycle tire, you can even ride through bumps, kerbs and other obstacles.

The maximum speed of Inmotion V8 is 30 km/h, with a range up to 40 km. You don't need an electric bike or a city car. All you need is one wheel. Impress on business meetings, avoid traffic jam, take over the city in style.

We ship worldwide.

Welcome to the 21th century.

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