Zimowa - I'm no remedy00:03:36

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Dodał: Zimowa
Artist: zimowa
Album: Cover the Fall [2015]
Music: Michał Mentel
Lyrics: Aneta Maciaszczyk


Speed your memory
Into deep
Speed up your blood in veins

Skip along
Give a miss
Blot out an overpass

Conform to me
I’m nothing more
than a small ache in your throat

You take me wrong
Like a pill
But I’m no remedy

It’s not like flying
not like brushing hair
I’m close to watching
love floating away
I’m dying to dance on an empty floor
For nothing

I’m singing to get the curse off my chest
trying to be cold, to stay blue
But I’m all red

So wrong to see it
Nothing can hurt us
But we should strive
to banish our qualm
Coz there’ll be nothing
Nothing to do with this harm
there’ll be nothing
Nothing to do with this harm

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